Flower cake from my own garden

Hold on to the summer for a while and make a beautiful flower cake or flower wreath. Cut flowers that do not fall out quickly and turn them into a beautiful wreath or piece.

The colors of summer flowers and hydrangeas are now at their best. Get different colors. If you have an Annabelle (white/green color), you can also process it nicely. Annabelle has some small green flowers for a playful effect.

Do you not have many flowering plants, but e.g. Do use sedum, liverwort or other dark-colored plants.
You consider yourself lucky with a picking corner or picking garden. You can pick endless flowers from it. Read our blog about the construction of a picking garden or picking corner.

What do you need for a wreath:
Floral foam wreath or oasis
Scissors or pliers
iron wire
Pieces of hydrangea

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