Drought and roses

Many people spray around to keep the roses in their garden alive! but for what?
Roses are champions of survival and don’t need that much water at all.

Roses can root deeply and get enough water from there to survive.

The only thing is that a rose only gives you little or no water over the year. Here’s a nice example from our rose garden, the grass has already given up, the Buxus is having a hard time when you look at the color and some roses are still fresh and cheerful without a drop of water in the past 7 weeks.

Roses prefer to be dry than wet. If you do have to water, do this in the morning or afternoon so that the roses can dry up again and become warm before they go into the night. Watering in the evening ensures that the rose remains cold and wet all night, giving diseases a chance.

Water preferably on the soil around the plant.

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